No Cost Targeted Traffic

By Rick Dayle.

If you’ve read the previous two articles in this series, “3 Things You Need To Make Money With Online Affiliate Marketing” and “The Third Thing You Need To Make Money Online Is Targeted Traffic”, you know you need a product to sell, a web site to sell it from, and targeted traffic. So far we’ve looked at various methods of generating paid traffic. This article will discuss methods for so called “free” traffic.

As I’ve indicated in a previous article, “free” traffic isn’t totally free, as you essentially pay for it with your time. If you haven’t enough time to spare, most of the tasks can be outsourced, which does cost some of your hard earned cash.

The primary methods of generating free traffic are Article Marketing and taking advantage of Social Networking. Article Marketing is by far the most stable method of generating Targeted Traffic. This method provides good long term growth of Targeted Traffic, and though it is not as rapid as some paid methods, it can generate Targeted Traffic long after the article was actually written.


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